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Paulding-West Cobb Lions Club welcomed Steven Fraime, with Southeastern Guide Dogs

IMG 1238Paulding-West Cobb Lions Club welcomed Steven Fraime, a puppy trainer with Southeastern Guide Dogs, as the speaker at its September 18 club meeting. Mr. Fraime brought his current puppy-in- training, a black lab named Wellbee, with him. Wellbee is the first service/guide dog supported by WellStar.
Mr. Fraime explained to our club the lengthy and rewarding process of training a puppy as a service/guide dog. He expressed that this is a very rewarding commitment for him. After Wellbee moves on to the next step in his training process with Southeastern Guide Dogs, Mr. Fraime looks forward to training the next puppy for this worthy cause.
As part of its commitment providing Vision services to people in need in our community, Paulding-West Cobb helps support Southeastern Guide Dogs, an organization that trains the highest pedigree of puppies as service and guide dogs. The cost to raise one puppy is approximately $50,000.00 to $60,000.00. Excluding the food, all costs for the care of the service/guide dog for its lifetime is fully paid through generous donations.
After the dogs have successfully completed 2 to 2-1/2 years of training as a service/guide dog, Southeastern Guide Dogs selectively matches a person to one of the fully trained dogs. A service/guide dog is retired around the age of 7 years old and the person will receive a new dog. In the past year, 700 teams in our region have been successfully paired. Visit www.guidedogs.org to learn more about Southeastern Guide Dogs and how you can help.