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November is National Adoption Month. Open your hearts and open your homes to children in care. An Adoption Story

adopt2In February 2016 we, (Stephanie & Lindsey) spent most of our free time working towards becoming foster parents. We finished up our required training at the end of February. We always wanted to be parents and we knew there were lots of kids who needed a home, and we knew that we wanted to help those children who are in our community. So we decided to foster and hopefully eventually adopt one day. Little did we know, at the same time across town two little boys were being born. We didn’t know this at the time but the boys were fighting for their lives during this time. They were born at 25 weeks and required a lot of medical attention. As time went on we were approved to be foster parents in August 2016 and we got our first placement of 3 children right away.
In November, they were reunited with family. We took a little time off from fostering. As much as we knew the day would come when the children would have to return, it was still hard. We went back and forth if we wanted to continue to foster but after a few weeks, we were ready to foster again. Even though saying goodbye is hard we knew we helped those children and there were more children who needed us. In the middle of December 2016, we got a call that they had a set of twins that needed placement. The DFCS worker explained the children had a few medical issues and it might be a few days before they would need placement.
A week later one of the boys was able to come home right in time for Christmas! Unfortunately, the other boy was not ready to be released from the hospital yet and we were unable to spend the holiday with him.
However, on New Year’s Eve 2016 the other boy was finally ready to come home from the hospital. All four of us brought in 2017 together and we have not been apart since. Since then we have learned more about the boys and they have gone from being medically fragile to your typical toddler boys! One of the boys still requires therapy hand he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but they have made many gains and it has been so rewarding watching them grown and learn! in October 2018, we officially adopted the boys.
That same day the boys had the great pleasure of meeting the wonderful staff of Wellstar nurses, Paulding Fire and Rescue and local EMT’s that were there the night the boys were born at 25 weeks. These men and women saved these two boys lives. We cannot thank them all enough for saving their lives so that one day they could be in our life!
In February 2016 we didn’t know what the future had in store for us, but we were preparing to open our hearts and our home to children in need. At the same time God was working miracles through the first responders, medical staff at Wellstar, and Children’s Health Care of Atlanta who saved the lives of our sons Mitchell and Morton Youngadopt 1adopt3