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3 Young Ladies Earned Highest Award in Girl Scouts

Since 1916, Girl Scout’s highest award has stood for excellence and leadership for girls everywhere. Seniors and Ambassadors who earn the Gold Award tackle issues that are dear to them and drive lasting change in their communities and beyond. A typical project takes 1 - 2 years for the girl to complete and respects the skills and talents that Girl Scouts bring to making a difference in world. Less than 4% of eligible girl scouts achieve Gold.
This year, local Girl Scout Troop 6099 under the leadership of Paula Mensah and Rebecca Curtis has 3 Girl Scout Ambassadors who have achieved Gold! Amani Ward, Payton Jones, Venicia Twymon. Amani Ward is a Senior at Hiram High School and completed her project "Starting the Conversation" by bringing awareness to the issues of teens including Sexual Peer Pressure, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault. Her project started a dialogue and created a movement through the creation of a short film that focuses on the prevalence of sexual abuse/verbal abuse/harassment among girls & boys ages 12-19.
Payton Jones is a Senior at Paulding County High School and completed her project "Health and Fitness Club" to spreading awareness of obesity in young adults and offering ways to prevent this disorder and increasing the health of students and residents in Paulding.
Venicia Twymon is a Senior at Hillgrove High School and completed her project "Comfort for All" changed the effects of homelessness in her community by educating youth about homeless people especially children and how they struggle to stay warm in the winter. Her project provided more than 100 blankets to local homeless residents.girlscouts1136