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hiram city clerk400The City of Hiram is pleased to announce that its City Clerk, Cynthia Geyer Tressel has attained a notable and highly revered certification. Under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.) 35-45-20, the clerk of the governing authority of a municipality means an individual holding the office of city clerk pursuant to a municipal charter and who is normally employed in that capacity for 40 hours per week. “Any person hired or appointed to serve as the clerk of the governing authority of a municipality shall attend and complete a course of training on matters pertaining to the basic performance of his or her official duties.”
The Georgia Certificate Program for City Clerks is designed to establish minimum standards and professional goals for city clerks. The program seeks to accomplish this by introducing new methods and approaches to enable clerks to become more efficient and effective in their positions, increasing managerial competence to meet new challenges and demands placed on local government, and creating the opportunity to further their professional development to gain the recognition they deserve.
The Georgia certificate program consists of 101 hours of instruction in general management. The candidate must successfully complete courses and written assessments, which consist of applying knowledge learned to practical local government situations after each course. Additionally, they must serve two years in a local government administrative position and be a current member of the Georgia Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association for the designation of “Certified Municipal Clerk”. To be designated a “Certified Municipal Clerk,” the candidate must also supply a letter from the governing authority documenting at least one year’s service as the officially appointed City Clerk.
Cynthia Geyer Tressel started her municipal career with the City of Hiram in October of 2009 and was appointed City Clerk in January 2012. According to City Manager Robbie Rokovitz, “attaining this certification does not come without a great deal of dedication, intellect, passion and personal sacrifice which all are demonstrated by Cynthia on a daily basis.” “The citizens of Hiram are fortunate to have the level of professionalism and credentials Cynthia brings to their local municipality and can feel confident that the business of the City is being performed in an efficient, effective and ethical manner with her serving as our City Clerk,” continued Rokovitz.