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division battalion 600x314Paulding County Fire & Rescue announces the promotion of two long-time Department employees to senior leadership positions. Jeff Groom will take over as Division Chief on A-shift where he will lead all field personnel and Fire/EMS operations every 3rd day for their 24-hour shift.

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MAutry 600x314Friday, December 11, 2020, Mary Autry retired from the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an official retirement celebration was unable to occur, but the Deputies and civilian staff at the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office were able to send her away with well wishes.

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cops4kids600x314We have worked out a plan with Walmart to use the money that we normally spend on the children, to purchase gift cards for each child. Every child that is registered for the 2020 Paulding Cops for Kids, Inc. Christmas shopping event will receive a gift card that can be used at Walmart. Parents of the registered children will come to the Sheriff’s Office on the specified dates and times to pick up their gift cards. Beginning Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

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Sergeant chris dickson 600x314Saturday, November 14, 2020, Detective Chris Dickson was awarded the “Officer of the Year” award by the Paulding County Rotary Club. The award presentation occurred at the Hearts for Heroes Festival at the Paulding County Airport. This event was well attended by members of the community as it was created to show support and appreciation for public safety, veterans, and all of our first responders.

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opt tk dallas pc 600x314Police Department. Sheriff Gulledge and Chief Deputy Sheriff Hunton received the Certificate of Appreciation that is dedicated to the entire department with great honor they both also showed the utmost hospitality. Dallas Police Chief Duvall, Assistant Chief Gorman, Captain Sumner, and Ms. Lisa all uphold the most gratitude when receiving the Certificate of Appreciation presented to the entire Dallas Police Department. Each department is composed of amazing leaders that define heroism and dedication daily to the community each defends proudly.

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bah humbug 600x314Twas the Night Before Bah-Humbug was inspired by Charles Dicken’s classic “The Christmas Carol” but has a modern twist. Preston is a teenage boy who hates the Christmas season, and no one knows the reason why. He’s rude; he’s mean, and he’s everything in between! Later, he discovers that he is the modern-day Scrooge and meets a few festive characters who take him on a whimsical journey of self-discovery.

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cornerstone 600x314Sunday, October 4, 2020, the Grand Lodge of Georgia, Free & Accepted Masons conducted a cornerstone ceremony at the new Paulding County Sheriff’s Office. Grand Master Johnie M. Garmon along with the Grand Lodge Officers facilitated an impressive and awe-inspiring ceremony.

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