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Paulding County Senior 4-H’ers at the Capitol

capital 533In February, seven Paulding County 4-H’ers joined almost 350 4-H youth and leaders for 4-H Day at the Capitol. While in Atlanta, they met with their senators and representatives and saw the Senate in session. The eventful day included visits with Representative Howard Maxwell (Dist. 17), Senator Bill Heath (Dist. 31), Representative Paulette Rakestraw Braddock (Dist. 19), Representative Micah Gravely (Dist. 67), followed by Senator Mike Dugan (Dist. 30).
The State 4-H President, James Hancock (Irwin County), addressed both houses of the Georgia General Assembly where he along with other 4-H leadership thanked them for their support of 4-H in Georgia. He also pledged Georgia 4-H's commitment on working to improve our communities. Between visits, the 4-h’ers enjoyed a luncheon provided by the Georgia 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees. During lunch, Hannah Rull, UGA’s collegiate 4-H president and accomplished Paulding County 4-H’er, reflected on her own involvement and activities in 4-H through the years. Another highlight of the day was visiting the floor of both the House and Senate chambers thanks to Representative Gravely and Senator Dugan.
The day concluded with a picture of the state-wide 4-H delegation with Speaker of the House David Ralston. Georgia 4-H thanks our state leaders for their warm welcome, coordination of this annual event, and continued support of the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Cooperative Extension, and Georgia 4-H.

group866micah500heath492maxwell800Photos of the day’s events: The Senior 4-H’ers participating include Marissa Alban, Hannah Bower, Madison Clemente, Colleen Gilroy, Erin Gilroy, Kimberly Hadaway, Samantha Reynolds with Patty McIver: 4-H agent, and Aaren Schertler: 4-H volunteer. The group is shown in the pictures from top with the following: Hannah Rull, with visiting 4-H group, Sen. Dugan, Rep. Maxwell, Rep. Gravely and Rep. Braddock, and Sen. Heath.