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leash cuttingHiram, Georgia - On Saturday, May 9th starting at 9:00 am, the City of Hiram will be opening its brand new amenity – the Hiram Hounds Dog Park. The dog park is located inside our revered Homer Leggett Park next to the Hiram Silver Comet Trailhead on Seaboard Avenue. The dog park consists of three separate areas specifically designed for differently sized breeds. And each area is completely fenced in with five-foot, plastic coated, commercial grade fencing. The entrances to each area are double-gated such that those dogs already engaged in open play inside cannot escape.
One of the three areas for open play is 14,500 square feet. This area is for any size breed. However, the pet owner/handler must use his or her discretion as dogs of any size are permitted. There are also two other separate areas that are designated for large and small breeds each separately fenced. The small breed area is open to dogs that are 35 pounds and under and is approximately 3,850 square feet. The large breed area is open to dogs that are 35 pounds and larger and is approximately 5,456 square feet. Each area will be identified with signs and have rules posted for the usage. resize Please understand that the rules that are put in place are for the safety of the pets and those who accompany them. These rules are not codified and not enforced under any City Ordinance. So there is some self-policing that needs to take place. Yet, those found behaving in a reckless and less safe manner can be subject to other violations such as disorderly conduct and be issued criminal trespass warnings banning them from future park use.
The grounds within the small and large breed areas are NOT fully prepared at this time and will not be open to the general public at the grand opening. However, staff is working diligently to prepare these areas so our four-legged citizens may enjoy a safe, fun play environment in the near future.
The City is looking for sponsors and benevolent people to help make this park more interactive for the pets and their owners/handlers. We would eventually like to have some water features, agility structures, benches and anything else to make the experience more enjoyable. If you or someone you know would like to donate any items or volunteer your time and services to make the dog park even better, please let us know.
For more information, please contact City Hall at 770-913-3726.