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Dream Search Land Results in Dallas, Ga: The Dream Seekers

dream 600Anner J. Echols, Executive Producer of Dreamland productions was in search for a Media Consultant and Event Planner for AJE Dreamland Productions a 25+ year Production company and TV studio home based in Memphis, TN, she had no idea where the search would end up. Shortly thereafter she discovered the Dream Seekers, Angela Foxworth and Angela Lewis of Dallas, Georgia. Angela Foxworth, always a dreamer with a desire to make others dreams a reality; as a teen ager she dreamed of becoming the next Oprah Winfrey; Foxworth no stranger to the industry, a passionate and dedicated internet Radio and TV Talk Show Host of The Angela Foxworth Show, a show that tackles issues from racism and politics to love and relationships. Foxworth also the co-host of the Radio Blog Hot Wife Hot Life internet radio show founded by CEO/Founder and host, Angela Lewis, a very impactful show that brings awareness to the importance of building a long lasting, strong and happy marriage.
Angela Lewis chosen as the Event Planner and Consultant for Dreamland Productions because of her many years of experience in planning seminars, workshops, conferences, personal consultations and many more entrepreneurial ventures. Lewis also a visionary and solutionist, always looking for ways to help people reach their dreams and potential.
Dream Seekers, Angela Foxworth, Media Publicity/Consultant and Angela Lewis love traveling from city to city interviewing celebrities and dignitaries on the red carpet or providing and promoting entertainers, business owners and other entrepreneurs who want or need exposure to grow and excel in their dream career especially singers, dancers, actors, actresses, models or anyone in the beauty, fashion and entertainment industry. If you need a media boost call the Dream Seekers and they can help you take your business to another level.
Angela Lewis and Angela Foxworth, aka The Dream Seekers, two very talented and created women, married with families; when not traveling with AJE Dreamland Production’s media dream team still resides in Dallas, Ga are now making others Dreams come true with AJE Dreamland Productions hosting, planning and consulting with others and living their dream.
For more detailed information about AJE Dreamland Productions or the Dream Seekers please visit www.ajedreamland.co/image-branding- marketing or contact us via email or call us at (901) 650-4955dream 800