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Conservatives Will Decide the Future of Georgia on November 6th

conserv monta 800Conservatives living in Georgia have a new kind of neighbor. Every day, thousands of people living on the liberal coasts are throwing their hands up and leaving their home states for greener pastures. Conservative states like Georgia offer everything that states like California and New York cannot: low taxes, economic mobility, affordable housing, fewer barriers to starting your own business, safer neighborhoods and a more trustworthy government. However, the perks of living in Georgia didn’t come by accident. While I would love to say there’s some kind of magic in our bright red Georgia clay, the truth is that Georgia is a hotbed of opportunity and a great place to live because Georgians have for many years elected conservative leaders with a vision for limited government that allows the individual to thrive and the family to prosper. While liberal states like California are constantly dealing unintended, but easily predicted consequences of big government programs, our conservative leadership in Georgia has wisely chosen to limit governments influence on our everyday lives. Georgia is a great place to live with a bright future today because conservatives at the ballot box kept it that way.
Like the well trained “snake-oil salesman,” Democrat politicians always have a sales pitch for their latest scheme for the government to fix everything in our lives. When federally mandated healthcare through Obamacare didn’t work, liberals came back to us with Medicaid for all at the state level. Several states have adopted these types of programs, but we have yet to see the kind of healthcare miracle story that’s always promised. While Democrat policies never bear fruit, the consequences of their failures are always very real. In San Francisco, a program to provide free syringes to drug users has led to hundreds of thousands of used needles littering the streets. While the liberal State of New York continues to expand its welfare programs year after year, it leads the nation in income inequality. Obama’s Chicago, the city that has all but banned legal ownership of firearms, has the highest rate of gun violence in the nation, with terrified homeowners hiring private security companies to patrol streets that local police have given up on. Time after time liberal policies that attempt to make government the solution to our problems end up making these problems worse or create new problems previously unheard of.
Over the last decade, Democrats have become far more extreme than anyone could have ever imagined. They’ve changed into the party of Antifa, of campus-communism, and advocate for some of the most radical, divisive thinking that America has ever seen. Democrats today will tell us that we should no longer judge a person by the content of their character, but instead should determine a person’s value based on a careful measurement of their privilege and oppression, a far more potent mixture of class warfare than the author of The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx, could have ever dreamt of. In 2018, voters have been given a choice of a new governor and hold the direction of Georgia’s future in their hands. Make no mistake, even if conservatives hold the State Senate and State House of Representatives, a Democrat governor will permanently shape Georgia’s future and put it on the same path of destruction as so many other states that have suffered under liberal leadership. Democrat Stacey Abrams represents the modern Democrat party in its most radical and dangerous form. The erasing of our history, the destruction of our health care, and the burning of our state flag testify of the extremism that Abrams’ represents and the danger that she would be as governor.
During a recent event, I met with a long-time, staunchly conservative voter and asked him if he had voted yet. He indicated to me that he only votes during Presidential elections and that he was proud of the direction of the country. While we are all proud of the accomplishments we’ve seen on the national level, the stakes are too high at home to sit an election out. It’s time for conservatives to again determine the destiny of our state and our community. On November 6th, my vote for the next governor of the State of Georgia will be for Brian Kemp, a Christian, a family man, and a tried and true conservative leader with a history of success in the private sector. I encourage conservatives across our state with an interest in preserving the freedoms we have at home, at work, and in our community to join me in my vote for Brian Kemp for Governor.

Martin Momtahan
Republican Candidate for GA House District 17