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Paulding County’s Child Abuse Protocol Committee

The Child Abuse Protocol Committee members updated their conflict resolution policy at the Diane Wright Innovation Center in Hiram last week. The committee’s protocol has been revisited several times over the years in accordance with annual statutory mandates. In August of 2017, another revision was enacted prior to last week’s November 2018 version that brings the Paulding Child Abuse Protocol in line with the statewide model.
In 2003 Paulding County Juvenile Court Judge Sandra Miller was designated to serve as interim chairperson to develop a protocol committee. The committee’s sole purpose was to develop a written Child Abuse protocol that would reflect by all disciplines, such as law enforcement, courts, schools, mental and physical health practitioners, social service agencies and all others that work to protect and care for children and families. The committee would work to address the rights and needs of the community, any alleged maltreator, and the alleged child victim.AbuseProtocol 800