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Middle School students learn the true meaning of giving and Christmas!

beta club533Dobbins Middle School Beta Club and Dobbins Middle School Chorus recently visited the nursing home in the old Paulding county hospital. They sang carols and delivered bags full of socks, chap stick, candy, and lotions to the patients or residents at the nursing facility. The also delivered cookies to the employees at their stations. This is the third Christmas in a row that Beta Club students have done this and the second year that the Dobbins Chorus department has accompanied them They also take another trip close to Easter and visit the tenants. All the residents truly love to see the students.
There are some residents that love it a little more than the others. One resident, in particular, that the students have gotten attached to is Daisy West. She's been there the past three years that Beta Club has visited. This year, Ms. Daisy gave several of the children hats are toboggans that she had crocheted over the year. The beta club is sponsored by Khalilah Williams, Melissa Robinson, Katrina Munson. The beta club promotes academic achievement and helps to develop leaders through serving others.
The sponsors really try to promote community service by performing multiple projects throughout the year as a group. Mrs. Williams & Mrs. Robinson state that they are amazed at these kids they are nervous at first when they get there and when they leave they are so quiet there are members of the nursing home the tenants that live there that asked that somebody just sit and talk to him she has some students that did that and they were entertained by Christmas music of the season by Mrs. Sandy Adams and her chorus students from Dobbins Middle School. We just want our students to know the true meaning of Christmas and giving. we have the best students!beta club800beta club533 b0658 Hardy 12 7 2018 4