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Richland Creek Reservoir Project Prepares for Water

RichlandWaterBrown and Caldwell’s Kelly Comstock, a managing consultant on Paulding’s Richland Creek Reservoir (RCR) project, updated the Paulding Board of Commissioners last week on RCR progress, which will begin this month to prepare the reservoir basin for the intake of water.
“It’s exciting to be here today to present one of the last things we have to do before starting to fill the reservoir,” said Comstock, who addressed the board during their morning session last week. During their voting session, Paulding’s Board of Commissioners voted to award the contract for timber harvesting associated with the RCR project to the lowest bidder, Triple J Logging, in the amount of $1,202,884.
Comstock said the scope of the work entails removing all timber within 208 acres on the site not previously cleared. All trees and bushes are cleared down to six inches above grade and removed, and per permit, a 150-foot buffer of trees is required to be maintained. Comstock said that types of burning methods were offered the contractor who opted instead to actually remove the material. He said that work needs to be completed by Dec. 1 and the start to filling the reservoir is targeted for Dec. 15th.
Comstock said the timber work would begin in September. Some of the lumber can be resold by the contractor to mills for use as fuelwood, Comstock said.
The RCR is located on approximately 700-acres of county-owned land in northern Paulding County, in the Post 4 district. A tentative third round of tours is planned for late this year as the reservoir begins the process of drawing water, a prescribed process that will take about a year to bring to full pool, Comstock explained during a previous tour, and he added that water will begin coming into the treatment plant sooner than that.
The facility will provide the 36 million gallons of water a day the county is projected to use, Comstock said. For more information visit www.rcrwater.com