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Construction of Sheriff’s HQ/Detention Center approaches March completion date, April move-in

Construction of the Paulding County Sheriff’s headquarters and detention Center at the Watson Complex in Dallas is said to be close to complete with finishing touches now underway.
The date of completion is March 18, according to Amy Tisenchek, senior program manager, Comprehensive Program Services, who updated Paulding commissioners on the project during their morning session last week. Ms. Tisenchek told Paulding commissioners staff move-in date is targeted for mid to late April.
Recently site work included installing and testing the building’s electronic security system, and completing the interior, Tisenchek said and continues with installing furniture, fixtures, and equipment through mid-February.
More exterior landscaping and paving has been done, Tisenchek said. Expenses are being calibrated and aligned to determine the project’s final cost, but that it stands at just over $72 million, despite some unforeseen subterranean issues along the way that delayed work and added to original cost estimates.
Paulding voters approved a $77 million bond issue to build a new jail and sheriff’s office in November of 2016.
The BoC purchased the land adjoining the north side of the county courthouse at the Watson Government Complex from former county school board chairman Joe S. Watson and Patricia Watson. Construction began on the project in mid-2018. The county began its payback on the bonds last year.
No plans have yet been announced regarding the old Sheriff’s office and jail, which may remain in use by the county for some other purpose, or be sold.
Colonel Chad Hunton, chief deputy, Paulding County Sheriff’s Office, commented last November that the old buildings would require some work to convert for use by some other type of business.
Hunton said that the new facility has been designed for growth far into the future, but he added that expansion could eventually happen on the same property’s north side.
News about the project is ongoing and can be viewed at the website, pauldingjail.com

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