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Twas the Night Before Bah-humbug

bah humbug headI was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and raised in a small suburban town called Dallas, Georgia. Theatre was always a part of my world from elementary school at Dallas Elementary through high school at Paulding County High, and once I learned that I could study theatre in college, I went for it. I am a recent graduate of Valdosta State University (Class of 2020), where I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre with an emphasis of study in Musical Theatre. I am an actor, singer, playwright, and director.
When it comes to art, I value thought-provoking work that delivers a powerful message, and that is what you will see in my Christmas play ‘Twas the Night Before Bah-humbug.‘Twas the Night Before Bah-Humbug was inspired by Charles Dicken’s classic “The Christmas Carol” but has a modern twist. Preston is a teenage boy who hates the Christmas season, and no one knows the reason why. He’s rude; he’s mean, and he’s everything in between! Later, he discovers that he is the modern-day Scrooge and meets a few festive characters who take him on a whimsical journey of self-discovery.
Will Preston ever learn his lesson that it’s wrong to be bitter during the holiday season? Or will he forever be a Scrooge? Come find out this December 3rd - 5th premiering on YouTube Live. The show is completely free, family-friendly, and accessible to all. To gather more info about the show, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@Humbug2020_) or email us directly at We look forward to spreading some Christmas Joy with you this season! Warm Regards, Prentiss Matthews III.
link to the Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlLRjYgRDBkweMjHxsoC_6fQezxQstFBI5tIjRIQ2qqOkszw/viewform

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