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Operation Zone Take Over

opt tk Dallas policeopt tk paulding sheriffI am Technical Sergeant McDuffie a United States Air Force Recruiter assigned to the local area. As the local Air Force recruiter before I ask anything of my area of responsibility, I wanted to show my appreciation by presenting Certificates of Appreciation. I personally go out and present recipients with a Certificate of Appreciation in their territory surrounded around those they feel most valued by. The most rewarding experience is watching leaders accept my award and dedicate it to every worker and person in the community they serve in.
Each time I reach out my focus is to point out humanitarian skills that each recipient possesses. Ultimately, I want each Certificate of Appreciation to be viewed as a relatable, genuine action by all audiences no matter the military or civilian status. A person that values themselves will be valued by others. I value myself and the uniform I wear. When presenting each Certificate of Appreciation, I purposely choose to wear my Air Force Dress Blue uniform. Why? Because my career badges and medals shine proudly! I Bleed Air Force Blue honorably! Each badge and medal I wear is a true reflection of EARNED excellence. Furthermore, people will reciprocate authenticity if it is given. That true authenticity allowed me to reach the Paulding County Sheriff Department and Dallas Police Department. Sheriff Gulledge and Chief Deputy Sheriff Hunton received the Certificate of Appreciation that is dedicated to the entire department with great honor they both also showed the utmost hospitality. Dallas Police Chief Duvall, Assistant Chief Gorman, Captain Sumner, and Ms. Lisa all uphold the most gratitude when receiving the Certificate of Appreciation presented to the entire Dallas Police Department. Each department is composed of amazing leaders that define heroism and dedication daily to the community each defends proudly. It was truly an honor to present both departments with the Air Force Recruiting Service Certificate of Appreciation.
It only takes one person to make a difference. Mya Angelou has a quote I live by and that is “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. I look forward to changing lives in the community I serve.
Technical Sergeant McDuffie 470-808-1754