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magnet bio 600

Magnet student-led tours of the Biology Lab.

magnet pat 600

Magnet Seniors Taylor Shade and Kayley Gates demonstrate a patient transfer in the hospital wing of the Academy.

magnet fire 600

Magnet science teacher, Mr. Pedersen, set junior David Frey’s hands on fire.

magnet girl 600

Magnet Student, Dormecia Allen, demonstrating a biology lab.

On Thursday, November 12th and Monday, November 16th, the halls of Paulding County High School were packed with eighth grade students and their parents from all around the Paulding County School District, anxious to learn more about the Academy of Science, Research, and Medicine through the school sponsored Magnet Mania: Program Preview. Prospective students of the Magnet Program learned more about opportunities, awards, and events associated with the Academy. The program preview covered every aspect of the Magnet Program from extracurricular activities including sports, fine arts, the Magnet Newsletter, Debate Team, and 4H, to the Academy's two crown jewels: the Healthcare and Biotechnology pathways.
During the program, in the science wing of the Academy, eighth graders observed demonstrations from the Biotechnology, Chemistry, AP Biology and AP Physics courses. Among some of the labs presented were gel electrophoresis, photosynthesis using leaves of spinach, and cellular respiration using peas. A few students even set their hands ablaze following all safety protocol, of course, amazing the eighth graders and their parents during the demonstration. Meanwhile, prospective students also viewed the Healthcare pathway and their exciting opportunities. They were able to glean information on the classes, have their blood pressure taken, and tour the hospital wing of the Healthcare program. Other Healthcare students showed a few of the CPR dummies they had used when learning CPR and the Heimlich when learning how to save lives.
Representatives from the WellStar VolunTeen program were present at the event. Mrs. Vicky Hogue, was there on Thursday, and Volunteer Program Coordinator, Mrs. Tammy Walker was there on Monday to explain volunteer opportunities available to students in the Academy of Science, Research, and Medicine. This WellStar partnership provides a six week intership program where students can volunteer at the hospital in a myriad of healthcare areas.
In addition to the STEM-oriented courses, students and their families were able to observe the social and bioethical components of this program as they viewed student debates about GMOs, the Agricultural Revolution, scientific creation of artificial living things, and the sustainability of cancer funding and extending life. The Academy not only encourages the process and application of scientific research, but also the social and ethical considerations therein.
The community was given the opportunity to see both Magnet courses and extracurriculars of which they could be a part at Paulding County High School. By the end of the evening, many of the eighth graders were excitedly telling their parents that this was something that they wanted to join, which, for the student volunteers and educators, meant that the night had been a rousing success!