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Hiram Elementary Hornets are very generous! Our school collected $2,686.89 for Pennies for Paulding. To give the students a little more incentive to give, teachers agreed to participate in a school wide contest. The class that collected the most per grade level would be treated to their teacher doing the “Whip Nae Nae” dance for the school. The students worked hard and gave much to make sure their class would be in the lead. By the end of the week, the top classes were Mrs. Quinto (Kindergarten), Mrs. Guzowski (1st grade), Mrs. Napier (2nd grade), Mrs. Richey (3rd grade), Mrs. Robinson (4th grade), and Mrs. McCleery (5th grade). Along with all of the fun of the contest, the students realize the importance of giving to other families in need during the holiday season. Thank you to all of the Hiram Elementary staff, students, and parents for giving to such a worthy cause.pennies 800

Shelby McCleery, Tina Richey, Sarah Napier, Tanga Ford (counselor), Gloria Munoz, Amy Guzowski, and Lauren Quinto