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Paulding County Celebrities to play against Athletes with Disabilities for the first time since 2019

On September 24, 2022, Alternative Baseball will be hosting the return of the Original Celebrity Classic in Paulding County at Hiram High School. The fun, exciting, and empowering action begins at 6:05 pm! The event will feature two teams of local Alternative Baseball players with autism and other disabilities and local Paulding County celebrities in a 7-inning exhibition; chock full of awe-inspiring fun action! Admission to the exciting action is free with any donation! Recruiting of new players (15+ with autism and other disabilities), volunteers, and a new coach for the long-term return of Alternative Baseball in Paulding County will also take place at the event.altbaseball1000

This is the second leg of ABO: ON TOUR; following the first game to be held at Carrollton High School with Carroll County Celebrities on September 17, 2022. The phenomenon of the Celebrity Classic began in Dallas, Georgia in 2019, and has since spread to other areas across the country. This Fall, Alternative Baseball teams across the country will also play Celebrity Classic games in Rome, Georgia, Woodstock, Georgia, and Quincy, Illinois in hopes of recruiting new volunteers and players to begin new programs in those areas. Confirmed Paulding County Celebrities participating in the experience are:

  • Rep. Joseph Gullett, Georgia State Representative
  • Rep. Martin Momtahan, Georgia State Representative
  • Angela Woodall, Paulding County Probate Judge
  • Virginia Galloway, Paulding County Post Commissioner
  • Dean Bucci, Paulding County Superior Court Judge
  • Sandy Kaecher, Paulding County Post Commissioner
  • John Dean, Paulding County School Board Member
  • Jason Benson
  • Lt. Chad Hunton, Paulding County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy
  • Matthew Rollins, Paulding County District Attorney
  • Angela O'Conor, Paulding County State Court Judge
  • David Lyles, Paulding County Superior Court Judge
  • Frank Moran, Mayor of Hiram, Georgia
  • Moto Jensen, Christian Radio Show Host at No Worries Radio