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Butterfly Coffee Ribbon Cutting

Butterfly Mountain Company is a full-service Mobile Coffee Camper that brings Gourmet Coffee to you! Whether you're looking for a morning pick-me-up or a rich, nuanced blend you've not tried before, Butterfly Mountain Coffee Company has got you covered.
Owner and coffee enthusiast, Phoenix England, pours her passion and expertise into every cup. Savor the rich and creamy flavors of their signature coffee, Butterfly Mountain, with a blend of dark chocolate and salted caramel. Or, try the Marbled White, a perfect balance of white and dark chocolate. And don't miss out on their seasonal flavors, like the Bee Mine with sweet strawberry and dark chocolate or the LoveBug with the soothing combination of lavender honey and oat milk.
Whether it's a quick stop at a local location, a fun day at a festival, or an intimate gathering at a wedding or private event, Butterfly Mountain Coffee Company promises to bring you out of your morning cocoon into true, free-flying glory. Experience the best of specialty coffee and book Butterfly Mountain Coffee Company for your next event today.

Phone (770) 546-7225