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Dallas, Georgia, January 8, 2024 – Two years after successfully launching Paulding County Fire & Rescue’s Advanced Life Support (ALS) program, the department again expands its rapid-response Paramedic capability.
On the morning of January 8th, ALS Rescue 9 was commissioned for service and is now responding to 911 emergencies 7 x 24 x 365. Headquartered at Fire Station #9 on Pine Valley Road, in the southeastern part of Paulding County, ALS Rescue 9 shares a home with Engine 9 and its experienced crew.
Following today’s commissioning, three ALS Rescues (4, 9, and 11) are available countywide. They are each staffed with licensed Paramedics and equipped with advanced medical tools, drugs, and protocols. Advanced Life Support includes emergencies such as cardiac arrest, chest pain, difficulty breathing, respiratory distress, stroke, seizures, unconscious patients, significant trauma, and childbirth.
Chief Joey Pelfrey commented, “Besides fire suppression, Advanced Life Support capabilities is one of the most important services we can provide. When ALS Rescues 4 and 11 went into service, the impact was almost immediate in treating critical patients. This has been one of the most successful launches in the history of our department, so we are thrilled to expand the number of ALS Rescue’s. Our ALS teams give high-acuity patients the best chance of survival by responding with the right personnel & equipment - quickly. It is another major milestone helping enhance medical care for Paulding County citizens.”
In November of 2021, Georgia’s Department of Public Health’s Office of EMS & Trauma, and Paulding County’s Medical Director, approved PCFD’s request to upgrade from Basic Life Support (BLS) to the higher ALS designation. Over the two years since the department earned its ALS license, it has responded to more than 1,400 advanced life support calls.ALS Res