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The Dallas Woman’s Club is thrilled to announce its recent achievements at the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs-North West district level, reflecting the dedication and hard work of its members.
Thanks to their unwavering drive and determination, the Dallas Woman’s Club has been honored with a total of 8 awards. Among these accolades, the club proudly received 3 exquisite silver pieces, representing the highest distinction awarded across the North West district, which comprises 13 clubs.
These awards not only recognize the club’s commitment to excellence but also highlight its significant contributions to the community and its members’ outstanding efforts.
“The recognition we have received is a testament to the passion and dedication of our members,” said Deborah Landers, President of the Dallas Woman’s Club. “Despite facing challenges, our club has persevered and grown stronger. Our members are dedicated to creating a positive impact as evidenced by our member activity table which is filled with signup sheets for our various service projects” commented Retired Judge Sandi Miller, the acting 2nd Vice President overseeing service projects for the Dallas Women’s Club.
The Dallas Woman’s Club, which had a modest 7 members in January 2023, has seen remarkable growth and now boasts over 70 enthusiastic members ready to take action and engage in various community initiatives including raising funds to restore their 103-year-old clubhouse.
Former Presidents, Sharon Vinson and Dee McClain also added “We are incredibly proud of our achievements and grateful for the support of our community. With our expanded team of dedicated members, we look forward to continuing our mission of serving and enriching our community.
For more information about the Dallas Woman’s Club and its initiatives, please visit https://dallasgawomansclub.org/ or contact Candace Callaway, 1st VP of Membership at .

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