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LifeVacsOn May 6, 2024, City of Dallas Council meeting, Chief Duvall presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Ron Cobb.
Mr. Cobb, a Dallas resident and community member, purchased lifesaving equipment known as LifeVac for each Dallas officer. Mr. Cobb noted that an officer in the Acworth Police Department had used a LifeVac in March of this year to save a woman’s life, and it made him think about all the people in his city who could potentially need help.
LifeVac is a non-powered, non-invasive airway clearance device designed to create a one-way suction to remove lodged food or objects and prevent air from pushing those objects downward. It can be used on children and adults.
Mr. Cobb said he was very happy to give back to the community he loves. He hopes that no one ever has to use the LifeVacs, but wanted to make sure that each officer was equipped with one just in case. The City of Dallas is grateful to Ron Cobb for his generous donation of this item that helps save someone who may be choking. Thank you so much, Mr. Cobb!