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Paulding Fine Arts Week of Feb 11 - Student Show Results!

Sunday, February 10th marked the 32nd Annual Student Art Show Sponsored by the Paulding Fine Arts Association. This year we received 126 student works from 20 Paulding Public Schools, 10 homeschooled students and 8 private school students for a total of 144 works. The school with the most entries was Baggett Elementary with 55, the second best contributor was Hiram High with 11 and tied for third were PB Ritch Middle and South Paulding Middle with 8 entries each. We appreciate our teachers and thank them for their support!
As always, our judges were from outside our county, they spent over 2 hours judging this show. The student work was top notch! The winning entries were:

5 & 6 year olds:
1st Place-Edgar Gonzalez, Age 6, Baggett Elem
2nd Place-Ansley Hunt, Age 6, Abney Elem
3rd Place-Laila Smith, Age 6, Baggett Elem
Honorable Mention-Sallie Loudermilk, Age 6, Baggett Elem

7 & 8 Year olds:
1st Place-Ellie Owens, Age 8, Baggett Elem
2nd Place-Mason McCullough, Age 8, Baggett Elem
3rd Place-Kennedy Aldridge, Age 8, Baggett Elem
Honorable Mention-Zachary Barnett, Age 7, Baggett Elem
Honorable Mention-Jack Reece, Age 8, McGarity Elem

9 & 10 Year olds:
1st Place-Kannon Cobb, Age 10, Roberts Elem
2nd Place-Kathleen Rice, Age 9, Baggett Elem
3rd Place-Taviyana Swain, Age 10, Baggett Elem
Honorable Mention-Lana Jordan, Age 10, Baggett Elem
Honorable Mention-Piper Prentice, Age 10, Baggett Elem

11&12 Year olds:
1st Place-Olivia Barton, Age 12, Austin Middle
2nd Place-Shayna Stansbury, Age 12, Home School
3rd Place-Coda Sponugle, Age 12, Dobbins Middle
Honorable Mention-Allison Chapman, Age 11, Nebo Elem

13 & 14 Year olds:
1st Place-Kai DeVito, Age 13, Austin Middle
2nd Place-Kadence Camp, Age 14, Home School
3rd Place-Abby Rose Farrell, age 13, SPMS
Honorable Mention-Brooke White, Age 14, SPMS

15 & 16 Year olds:
1st Place-Emily Reece, Age 16, Hiram High
2nd Place-Saragrace Phillips, Age 16, Hiram High
3rd Place-Tyler Senra, Age 15, EPHS
Honorable Mention-Anastasha Farrakhan, Age 15, Hiram High
Honorable Mention-Lilia Bingham, Age 16, Hiram High
Honorable Mention-Kaley Partain, Age 16, NPHS

17 & 18 Year olds:
1st Place-Ashton Thomason, Age 18, PCHS
2nd Place-Sayakah Welch, Age 18, Hiram High
3rd Place-Matthew Williams, Age 17, SPHS
Honorable Mention-Marisol Griffiths, Age 18, NPHS
Honorable Mention-Jasmine Lamar, Age 17, Lamar Academy

pffastudents2019 800Congratulations to all the students who entered and thank you to their devoted teachers and parents!
We could not hold this Student Show each year without the support of our sponsors. We would like to again thank The Paulding Trophy Shop for supplying our prize ribbons, they have been supporting our Student Art Show for over 20 years! Other sponsors this year are Greystone and Hardy Chevrolet, along with Artist Member Sponsors, Cathy Amos, C.J. Baldwin, and Leslie Grant. We would also like to thank our many volunteer members who helped bring this show together: Peggy Cline, Chairman; Mary Cash, Paulette Cheek, Judy Cooper, Desiree & Marisol Griffiths, Bruce Henry, Jane Hricz, John Kuhenbeaker, Julia Lindsay and Joyce Walraven.
These winning works will be on display in the Courtroom Gallery of the Historic Courthouse Gallery & Studios beginning March 7th. We are open Thursday through Saturday from 10:00am until 4:00pm and we are located on the 2nd floor of the OLD Paulding Courthouse Building at 11 Courthouse Square in downtown Dallas Georgia.
http://www.pauldingfinearts.org - like us on Facebook!

Some of the 2019,32nd Annual Student Art Show Winners Left to right
Front row: Laila Smith, Ansley Hunt, Kathleen Rice, Ellie Owens, Shayna Stansbury Second row: Piper Prentice, Kanin Cobb, Jack Reece, Coda Sponaugle, Taviyana Swain
Third row: Marisol Griffiths, Anastasha Farrakhan, Kai DeVito, Lana Jordan, Allison Chapman, Olivia Barton, Brooke White
Back row: Tyler Senra, Matthew Williams, Kaley Partain, Ashton Thomason, Abby Rose Farrell, Kadence Camp, Emily Reece