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Truth In Nature Outdoor Mentorship & Ministry Programs For Fatherless Boys To Add Second Chapter In Dallas, Ga

Dallas, GA – August 2, 2019 – Truth in Nature, a 501c3 non-profit organization will be adding a second chapter for its outdoor mentorship and ministry programs for fatherless boys in fall 2019. Truth in Nature has grown its reach locally in the Dallas, GA community to now have the need to expand its programs to host 2 mentoring weekends per month at the Dallas Camp Facility. Local Resident Edward Estes will direct this new Dallas, GA 2 Chapter as the local Program Director. Edward grew up in Paulding County, played football & graduated from PCHS & Liberty University, and now resides back in the local Dallas community. Edward, his wife Ashley, and their two children attend West Ridge Church. Edward is passionate about the outdoors, his faith in Christ, and using both to reach fatherless young men. He has been praying for an opportunity to lead in outdoor ministry.
Founded in 2009 in Dallas, GA Truth in Nature has grown to Reach, Inspire, Support, and Engage young men from fatherless and single-parent homes in 11 different locations across 5 states. 5 of the chapters are located within the state of Georgia. With our newest Chapter beginning operation in Fall 2019, Edward Estes will be leading the efforts as Program Director. Edward was quoted as saying “We are excited about the opportunity to engage more young men in the community with local mentors to make a difference in their life.” A Christian based organization, young men can expect to engage with mentors in an outdoor setting, while being encouraged to become a Christian man and a positive member of the community. These programs are free of charge for these young men after registration paperwork has been completed. Edward will join our already established programs & chapter with Program Director Lee Hurley to run programs on opposite weekends to engage more young men.
Local residents are encouraged to support Truth in Nature as they seek mentors, partnerships with local businesses, contributors, and referrals from young men that meet these criteria. Edward can be contacted at .truthinnature1000