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Eleven residents at Creekside Pines participated in a 21 day wellness challenge where they implemented a change in their daily routine that was better and healthier. For example, they received points for drinking 3-5 glasses of water a day, skipping a dessert, making a friend or exercising 20 minutes a day. At the end of each week, points were tallied and prizes were awarded. Pat Chastain and Rotha Wheeler tied for 1st place with 65 points. “Since it takes 21 days to form a habit, we wanted to challenge our seniors to form at least one good habit to take them into the new year.” Well done!challenge600

Lt. to Rt. (Front Row) Pat Chastain, Doris Moore, Geri Benedetti, Rotha Wheeler, Andy Barth, Noni Sitzes, Marion Mulford (Back Row) Flory Burger, Warren Hartenbach (Not Pictured) Margaret Bowen, Regina Cancro