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educate 600bThe Paulding Retired Educators Association met on January 12th at the First Baptist Church in Dallas. Roger Leggett brought a wagon that he designed for children's hospitals. The wagons are equipped with an IV pump and children can move about the hospitals more easily. The Paulding Retired Educators have purchased one of the wagons for use at Egleston Hospital in Atlanta. Following this presentation, Mike Roby, Commissioner of Georgia's Department of Veterans Service, spoke of the role his organization plays in serving the needs of Georgia's veterans. Roby is a retired Sargent Major of the United States Army. He and Brian Zeringue are recognizing Georgia veterans of the Viet Nam War throughout the state. Our organization has many members who were presented a Certificate of Honor for their service during the Vietnam War.

Pictured above : Roger Leggett with the wagon he designed for children's hospitals.educate 600
Left to right: Brian Zeringue, Projects Manager for Georgia Veterans Service, John Schneider, Dennis Lester, Randy Arnold, Bernie Booth, Lymus Holman and Mike Roby, Commissioner of Georgia Veterans Service.