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Known, Professional, Most Qualified, Trusted

Known • Lindsey is a native of Paulding County. As a 2nd Generation Funeral Director, and businesswoman, Lindsey has served our community for years in a professional capacity. Lindsey is dedicated to community involvement and committed to keeping Paulding a great place to live and work.

Professional • Lindsey is a well-respected professional in the funeral service community. She is known for her honesty, compassion, and ability to connect with grieving families. Lindsey’s training, education, and experience as a licensed funeral director have allowed her to care for deceased individuals in a dignified manner, required her to pay close attention to detail, and groomed her to guide families through the grief crisis.

Most Qualified • Lindsey is the candidate with the most experience and knowledge of the death process and the psychological impact of death on loved ones. She is well trained and versed in handling difficult and situations that present themselves. In addition to her mortuary science degree, Lindsey earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in Criminology. Lindsey has been able to use her knowledge in Mortuary Science, Spanish and Criminology to aid local law enforcement and the medical examiner’s office during her first term as Coroner of Paulding County.

Trusted • Lindsey is a trusted member of our community, a conservative Republican, adamantly opposed to socialism, and has been endorsed by the Georgia Right to Life, PAC. In order to truly provide care and attention to the deceased, Lindsey firmly believes you must appreciate the sanctity of life.lindsay eberhart fuller