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Ribbon Cutting for Wholistic Wellness Boutique

Hiram— March 20, 2020 — Wholistic Wellness Boutique announced its ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Paulding Chamber of Commerce on March 20th. The ribbon-cutting was held at the boutique’s location in Hiram, Georgia at 5157 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway Suite 107.
Positive Customer Impact
Wholistic Wellness Boutique provides its customers with the best in health and wellness through CBD products and services. They have a holistic approach to making sure customers are provided with properly selected natural and organic products. “We are excited to help people transform their health through wellness coaching and the proper selection of high-quality supplements,” said owner, Dr. Alaia Daniel, PharmD (Licensed Pharmacist).
Dr. Daniel, PharmD
Dr. Daniel graduated from the University of South Carolina with her Doctorate degree in Pharmacy. She also received a Bachelor of Naturopathic Science degree from Ahimki School of Holistic Theology. Dr. Daniel is certified in the Wahls Protocol to help others with chronic diseases and is currently enrolled at the Energetic Health Institute and working towards Board Certification in Holistic Nutrition.
Holistic Nutrition links the importance of the mind-body connection, stress reduction, gut health, good nutrition, exercise, breathwork, and meditation. As part of her Holistic Nutrition training, Dr. Daniel completed coursework on medical marijuana and the endocannabinoid system. She saw how CBD helped so many others with chronic diseases and began to try it herself with excellent results as she had been diagnosed with MS. Dr. Daniel is now a proud member of the International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists and a dedicated advocate for the safe use of quality CBD products.Wholistic800Now, as the founder of Wholistic Wellness Boutique, she is able to live her passion for helping people live more wholistically while incorporating cannabis (CBD) into their lifestyle.
Custom CBD/Herbal Blends
Wholistic Wellness Boutique is also very proud to announce its listing as a Leafly/CBD Map location. They are a team of pharmacy professionals with over 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical and plant-based medicine. Wholistic Wellness Boutique works hard to provide the highest quality organic CBD products sourced from local farmers as well as national brands. They are dedicated to assisting you through your life-changing process by living a wholistic lifestyle though the use of CBD/Hemp-based products. All products offered in the store location are available for purchase online at wholisticwellnessboutique.com/wholistichemp.com
They also offer Take Charge® - a 26 week, one-to-one Intense Behavioral Therapy (IBT) System of personalized Medical Nutrition Education administered by Pharmacists to help patients battling Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and other Lifestyle Associated Conditions. Your Take Charge® pharmacist serves as educator, motivator, monitor, and guides as you, through trial and error, learn to implement permanent lifestyle changes that improve your health and wellbeing.
You will find many more offerings at the beautiful boutique including coffee, tea, snacks, doggie treats and more. Call for or visit to see what classes, training, and items are waiting for you to help you live your best wholistic life.
Find Wholistic Wellness Boutique at 5157 Jimmy Lee Smith Parkway Suite 107 Hiram, GA 30141, call: 678-324-0494 email: Visit the website wholisticwellnessboutique.com or their FB page.