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Sam D. Panter Elementary wins Paulding County Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl Competition

Paulding County hosted its annual Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition over the weekend. Students from several elementary and middle schools went head-to-head to answer questions about books they’ve read over the last several months. The books are from the 2017-2018 Georgia Children’s Book Award nominees list. In the elementary competition, Sam D. Panter Elementary’s team won first place. This marks Panter Elementary's first Reading Bowl win.
"It was a changing moment in my life to know that I could accomplish something so big. It was a lot of work, but I made friends and experienced great joy reading all the different kinds of books the Reading Bowl had to offer,” said Panter Reading Bowl Team member and 5th grader, Ava Capalbo.
"You should really try being on the Reading Bowl team because you get to read really great books, learn about new experiences, and you have fun on the way," said fourth grade team member.
"We couldn't be prouder of all of the hard work these kids have put in. We are also so fortunate to have such wonderful support from the students' families and our administrators," said Reading Bowl co-coach Zann Gibson.
The top two teams in both the elementary and middle school categories will head to the University of West Georgia on Saturday, February 10th, to compete in the regional Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl competition.panter reading bowl team