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Dobbins Middle School Students “Walk” To Washington DC

(Paulding County, GA) At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, School Resource Officer Deputy Don Apperson was looking for a way to connect with some of the students at his school. Deputy Apperson came up with the idea to engage a small group of students at Dobbins Middle School by “Walking to Washington DC” with them. They didn’t literally walk to Washington DC, but the students ran, walked, and jogged a short distance every day and kept track of their mileage. Deputy Apperson measured the distance from Dobbins Middle School to Washington DC and kept track of the kid’s progress every day.
Deputy Apperson would keep the kids motivated by telling them their total mileage every day and where they would be in the country if they were actually making the trip. By the end of the school year, the kids had completed the 685-mile journey. Once they reached their goal, the students were so excited and felt such a huge sense of accomplishment. Being able to engage the students and allowing them to have some physical activity at that same time, was a huge help for the students as well as the teachers.
Congratulations to Deputy Don Apperson and the students from Dobbins Middle School. The students involved in this “trek” to Washington DC were: Jalen Burke, Safiyah Abdus-Shaheed, Stevie Watts, Cameron Whitley, and Ike Moore. The teachers and administrators who supported, and even walked, during this endeavor were Dr. Broyles, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Bihari, and Mrs. Whitehead.Dobbins DC