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GHC physical education trip reaches 40th year teaching students how to ski and snowboard

Even after his retirement in 2015 as professor of physical education, Ken Weatherman still climbs the 4,000-foot elevation of Appalachian Ski Mountain in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, for the annual ski and snowboard trip started decades ago at Georgia Highlands College.
This is the trip’s 40th consecutive year – and Ken’s, too.
“I have gone with the students every year,” Ken said. “When we began the program, we had another instructor, and we co-taught the program for the first six years. I have taken the helm individually for the past 34 years. I retired in 2015, but I have continued to do this program as an adjunct professor.”
The trip gives students a way to earn academic credit in the physical education category, while learning skills Ken says to stick with you for a lifetime.
“It’s a great program that allows students to enjoy skiing or snowboarding throughout their future lives. I will soon enter the eighth decade of my life, and I still enjoy skiing. The lifetime implications of these two winter sports activities have a lasting benefit to students’ future lives.”
Ken explained the trip kicks off with three two-hour workshops during December each year. Students take an exam based on the workshop and required textbook readings. Additionally, students take exams on the trip and must go through a skills evaluation after some training and practice on the slopes.
While on the trip, students are given lessons from experts at the French-Swiss Ski College.
Ken explained that the benefits – other than obtaining a lifelong skill – are the affordable cost (due to group rates) and an accelerated spring course, which gives students a chance to earn credit for PHED 1420 within a few weeks between workshops, the trip and training with the French-Swiss Ski College.
The trip includes multiple sessions with instruction from professionals, equipment, and stay. The trip is also available to non-credit participants on a continuing education basis.
To learn more about the trip, please contact Ken Weatherman:
The deadline to register is December 4th.ghc ski 800