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Scoggins Middle School Recycles (against all odds!)

Carl Scoggins Middle School in Dallas, GA has been recycling for four years. Despite this noble commitment, the school does not have a carrier that comes by to pick up their recycling. The students load the bags they collect each week into the club manager’s car and she takes it to be recycled. They use reusable refuge yard waste bags to collect the recycling each week. They collect paper, cardboard, and plastic.
The Recycling Club at Scoggins Middle School needs your help! We are in need of a company to provide a recycling bin in which to place recycled material and to be hauled off. The students and teachers at Scoggins are committed to making the world a better place by recycling, and other schools in Paulding county want to recycle, but it is difficult when we do not a business partner that is able to come to pick up the recyclable materials.
According to the EPA, about 75% of solid waste in the United States can be recyclable material, but only 30% is actually recycled. The students who are involved in the Recycling Club at Scoggins recognize that every little bit helps. Every Friday morning, club members visit every room in the school building to pick up and empty recycling wastebaskets. However, the goal of the Scoggins Recycling Club is not just for the students to come by and pick up the recycling; but to learn to be responsible consumers and use their resources wisely. Our Recycling Club educates the students on what recycling is, what can be used or built from recycled material, and the overall importance of taking care of the Earth through morning announcements, video education spots on our morning news, and posters around the school. The students, in turn, educate other students and hopefully their families in being more environmentally conscious. “Being in the Recycling Club is very inspiring,” says Stella Preston, an 8th-grade student who is in the Recycling Club. Sixth-grader Gavin Freeze, another fellow member, advises other students to “be responsible wherever you go” and to “leave it better and cleaner than when you found it.”
If you would like to help, you can contact us at or . Any donation or information will be greatly appreciated.scogg0037scogg0052scogg0047