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EPHS Marketing Industry Certification

East 4652On November 12, 2018, East Paulding High School's Marketing Pathway went through the process of becoming Industry Certified. Students from the Marketing Management Pathway presented information based on the Marketing Pathway, DECA Chapter, Project-Based Assignments, Curriculum-Based Projects, School-Based Enterprises to the Industry Certification Team. This certification ensures that the marketing program meets industry standards in the areas of curriculum, teacher qualification, lab specifications, equipment, and industry involvement.
The following people were involved in this important process.

  • Peyton Brantley, EPHS DECA President
  • Anna Wooley, EPHS DECA Vice President
  • Lauren Paris, EPHS DECA Secretary
  • Jared Swiney, EPHS DECA V.P. of Finance
  • Lexie Fordham, EPHS DECA V.P. of Chapter Development
  • Taylor Harris, EPHS DECA V.P. of Competitive Events
  • Catherine Basch, EPHS DECA V.P. of Recognition
  • Haley Peek, EPHS DECA V.P. of Chapter Connections
  • Seth Grenon, EPHS DECA V.P. of Public Relations
  • Clarke Poss, EPHS DECA V.P. of Community Service
  • Donovan Flemister, EPHS DECA V.P. of Hospitality
  • Mary Shaw, EPHS Industry Certification Team Member Carley Pilgrim, EPHS Industry Certification Team Member
  • Walter Burgess, Industry Certification Coordinator
  • Linda Smith, GADOE Program Specialist
  • Rich Nobliski, VP of Marketing for Siemens Corp./ Rep. American Marketing Association
  • Carole Pearson, EPHS CTAE Administrator
  • Penny Berry, EPHS Senior Counselor
  • Monica Rydza, PCSD Youth Apprenticeship Coordinator
  • Kim Cobb, PCSD Board Member
  • John Dean, Elected PCSD Board Member
  • Jason Anavitarte, Elected PCSD Board Member
  • Halie Bissell, EPHS Marketing Teacher / DECA Advisor
  • Yaa Hatcher, EPHS Marketing Teacher / DECA Advisor / EPHS WBL Coordinator