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Hiram HS Raider Team Meet

Hiram High Schools JROTC kicked off its raider season with the first meet of the year on September 12, 2020, at Adairsville High School. The Stinger’s raider mixed(Male/Female) team’s cadets pushed themself through humid heat and downpours during practice to prepare for their first meet of the season. Due to Covid-19, a few safety regulations were implemented to limit contact. Cadets could not touch one another during the team run and had to wear gloves while participating in an event that required touching objects. In total, teams competed in six events; PTT (physical team test), CCR (cross country rescue), obstacle course, team run, gauntlet, and a rope bridge. Hiram placed 3rd in CCR, obstacle course, and team run and Placed third in the overall meet. Congratulations to the team! Next week’s meet will be held at North Paulding.HHS Adairsville Raider meet 2020