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Brianne Johnson, Ritch MS Social Studies Teacher, Named 2021-2022 PCSD Teacher of the Year

teacher 2021 Brianne JohnsonBrianne Johnson, an 8th Grade Social Studies teacher at P.B. Rich Middle School, has been named the Paulding County School District’s 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year.
Ms. Johnson is in her fourth year at P.B. Ritch where she serves as one of the school’s Technology Champions and also sponsors the Junior Beta Club. She is known for her skill in integrating technology with instruction and is always willing to assist colleagues with technology needs and fine-tuning instructional strategies. But most of all, she is known for her radiant personality.
“She touches the lives of everyone she comes in contact with, whether students or staff members,” said P.B. Ritch Principal Christy Carson. “She radiates positivity. Students go into her classroom each day excited about what they are going to learn. Her former students often come back to Ritch just to see her again and say, ‘Thank you.’”
For the current school year during the COVID-19 pandemic, Paulding County students were offered a choice of either in-person instruction or virtual instruction. At most schools, teachers work in one or the other capacity, but not Ms. Johnson. She teaches both formats – two in-person classes and two virtual classes – and she makes the transition seamlessly. She is known as an expert in CANVAS, the district’s virtual instruction software platform, and she frequently assists her colleagues with whatever obstacles or challenges they may encounter with the new environment of online learning.
Fellow 8th Grade teacher Kimberly Gray said of Brianne, “She is easily one of the most courageous teachers I have the pleasure of working with. She doesn’t mind going a little outside the box. She lets the children be creative, and that is why they gravitate to her. She will pull out every tool she has available to ensure that her students are encouraged and really engaged in the content.”
Ms. Johnson is often heard telling students, “If you can be one thing, be kind,” and she models that behavior daily. She is loved by both the students and staff at P.B. Ritch, and she brings a smile to the face of nearly everyone she encounters.
“As the youngest member of my team at Ritch, I am very grateful and very humbled to be recognized like this,” said Ms. Johnson. “There are many amazing teachers I have learned from. As a little girl, all I wanted to do was be a teacher and be the best teacher I could be.”
Ms. Johnson, who grew up in Buchanan, Ga., and moved to Paulding County four years ago, said that relationship building is the key to her success. “It is about building a community within my classroom. I teach eighth-graders and can be a difficult group, so I get on their level and do my best to relate to them. Mostly, I really try to get to know them, and I make sure they know I’m here if they just want to talk or vent about anything.”

Congratulations to Brianne Johnson, the 2021-2022 Paulding County School District Teacher of the Year!