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star 600Amanda Walters is North Paulding High School’s Star Student for the 2015-2016 school year. In order to be named Star Student, one must first achieve the following: the student must be a senior, they must have the highest score in their school for either the SAT or the ACT, and they must be in the top ten percent of the school’s academic achievement. With a GPA of 4.0, an SAT score of 2210, and an ACT score of 33, Miss Walters has done so. While she has not decided where she wants to further her education after high school, Miss Walters is interested in majoring in Engineering and hopes to pursue a career in either the biomedical or chemical engineering fields.
One of the perks of being named Star Student is to be able to nominate the school’s Star Teacher. Miss Walters has chosen Dr. Christina Stanley for this honor. This is Dr. Stanley’s second year being nominated for Star Teacher, as she was previously chosen for the title in the 2013-2014 school year. Dr. Stanley teaches AP Government, AP US History, and Honors US History. She received her Doctoral degree from University of Phoenix. Miss Walters has stated that Dr. Stanley helped her in a variety of ways to reach her full potential, which is only one of the many reasons she has decided Dr. Stanley as her Star Teacher. Dr. Stanley has said in return that, “Amanda Walters is a wonderful student to have in your classroom because she is engaged, asks and answers questions, and is always prepared for class.”