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Poole 1 800Poole Elementary opened its doors in August 2003. The students who were in Kindergarten that year are graduating this year. On May 5, 2016, Poole Elementary hosted twenty-eight of these seniors with a Poole Pioneers Giveback Reception. The purpose of this event was to encourage our elementary students to work hard and stay in school and to recognize the graduating seniors. The students came from Paulding County High School, East Paulding High School, South Paulding High School, high schools from surrounding counties and one even traveled from Virginia.Poole 2 800They presented certificates to the current Kindergarten class, walked through the halls where they began their education, took pictures with their handprints on the walls, and watched a slideshow from their years at Poole. The seniors enjoyed meeting with their former teachers and the current students at Poole.

Poole A 800Row 1- Aussia Karuiki, Kenley Russell, Molly Hammond, Joana Cantu, Hanna Pate, Nelly Tello, Kianna Corley
Row 2- Kirsten Smith, Autumn Knowles, Hunter Cook, Savannah Paris, Jenna Moody, Makayla Hunter, Marlana Thomason, Shayne Carter, Tyler Brown, Taylor Wisener
Row 3- Justice Smith, Brent Paris, Austin Temples, Hershel Aaron, Greer Bowling, Caleb Young, Quinton Hull, Holden Thompson, Thaddeus Williams, Tyler Mulkey, Shudon McCuthins