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NO THREE_PEAT @ Wolfpack Stadium

Friday night was the match of the cross town rivals. When North meets East and the game is the game of the week on WSB Channel 2 stuff is going to happen. DJ Shockley was there at the end to hand the trophy over to the Wolfpack with a 22 – 21 win. Great game great fans. Speaking of the fans I stood on the sidelines before the game and listened to the students of both North and East drown out the band singing our National Anthem. I could not have been prouder. No one sat our anthem out. Great Schools both. Speaking of Great, also ran into Chris Conley, North Alumni, Georgia Alumni, and now a Wide Receiver wearing number 17 for the Kansas City Chiefs. A finer young man I have never known. Watched him with the middle schoolers and could not be prouder to call him friend.

NvE brian mitchellx800Brian Mitchell
NvE chad terrellx800Chad Terrell
NvE charles bentonx800Charles Benton
NvE tyler birdx800Tyler Bird
NvE zion hawkinsx800Zion Hawkins