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The Paulding County Patriots traveled up 101 to Rome and met a formidable foe on the banks of the Coosa River at the historic Barron Stadium. When the smoke cleared it was the 10th ranked Rome Wolves that prevailed in a dominant performance 51-10.
This was one of those games you just put behind you and forget. The Patriots just could not get anything going and combined with penalties abounding in the double digits and nothing working on either side of the ball it was just a time to reset and look ahead to brighter days.
The Patriots scored on a 29 yard Ryan Martin field goal and a touchdown pass of 17 yards for Brantley Mauldin to Jason Ledford. I did see promise as the Patriots did continue to work and and got some younger players some experience in the second half and only allowed Rome 14 points.
The Patriots fall to 2-3 (1-2) on the season. They must regroup and get ready for a critical matchup against Villa Rica at home next week. It's clear the Patriots have a shot at the 4th playoff spot if they can gather themselves and make a strong push. The game against Villa Rica will be a pivotal matchup to see how resilient this team can be.

catoe imgp3838x800Ryan Martin gets the second half underway.catoe imgp3837x800Senior Dale Bryant shows some agressive running in the open field.catoe imgp3767x800Josh Singleton is brought down after an interception.catoe imgp3840x800Jason Ledford throws a block trying to spring Deonte Ruffin.