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Patriots Edge Hornets 18-14

​Patriot wideout Jason Ledford scampers into the end zone after a long run scoring his 2nd touchdown of the game.IMGP3006 ​Hiram's Jermaine Banks looks for running room on a reverse. IMGP3002Brantley Mauldin celebrates with Coach Purnell after the victory. Patriots are 1-2(1-0) on the season and travel to Kell next week. IMGP3025 ​Marcell Murray was the workhorse for the Hornet ground attack. The Hornets are also 1-2(0-1) and host Cass next week.IMGP3009Ledford crosses the goal line before the ball came loose early in the game.IMGP3012
IMG 9729#89 (Jermaine Banks) intercepts pass and is tackled on the 25 yard line. IMG 9796IMG 9798#12 (Keyshawn Williams) Completes pass for TD making score Hiram 7 - PC 6. IMG 9820#17 (Nate Presnell) Ready to make a pass. IMG 9868#17 (Nate Presnell) Looses the ball by fumble and PC recovers ball. img 9964#17 (Nate Presnell) Goes for TD making score Hiram 14 - PC 12.