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East Paulding Never Gave Up: 41-43 in favor of Carrollton

Carrollton was definitely favored to win and depending on who spoke, by a large margin. While early in the game, it looked like the Raiders struggled to play as a team, then pulled themselves together and made Carrollton work for the win. The Raiders would not quit as the game ended 43-41 in favor of Carrollton. East Paulding's defense was able to capitalize on a few fumbles, and was able to turn them into touchdowns, one by the defense. They also would have made a two point conversion in the third quarter, but an illegal man down field penalty called the play back. This would have offset the two point conversion by Carrollton on their first TD. Instead, East settled for the extra point. While East trailed the entire game, Carrollton never managed to get more than 8 points ahead showing the Raiders would not be walked over. Despite being 1-3 for the season, the Carrollton game was the 2nd region game putting the Raiders at 1-1 in the region. If the Raiders can play like the last three quarters of the Carrollton game consistently, East Paulding has a chance to go deep into the playoffs this year under Coach Shackelford.

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