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The Paulding County Patriots were ecstatic to just make the playoffs, it was their first appearance in the postseason in ten years and although a brief one they acquitted themselves well. The Patriots had the unfortunate luck to draw the Buford Wolves in the first round, a program rich in tradition and championships. Since 2000 the Wolves have garnered 10 State Titles. The Patriots embraced the opportunity and played their hearts out while emptying the playbook and letting the Wolves know they were in for a battle. The final score of 54-23 was not indicative of the effort that the Patriots put forth, especially on offense. The Patriots just could not stop the Wolves offense that ran and passed the ball successfully all night. Congratulations to the Patriots and the coaching staff on a successful season and hopefully much more to come.

IMGP6029Matthew Frey put the Patriots on the board early with a 28-yard field goal.IMGP6023Eager Patriots wait to take the field in Buford.IMGP6024Jason Ledford scores the first touchdown for the Patriots as he hauls in a 54-yard bomb from Brantley Mauldin in the 3rd quarter The Patriots air assault was relentless and gave Buford problems all night.IMGP6028Senior Vance Anderson tears downfield, Anderson also collected a touchdown pass later in the contest of 35 yards.IMGP6027Defensive end Sean Mcminn played a whale of a game collecting numerous tackles for the Patriots.IMGP6032Jacorian Boykin heads downfield against the Wolves.IMGP6026Mahleek Melton and Brenton Ballard introduced themselves to the Buford quarterback. The Wolves knew they had been in a struggle. IMGP6025Brantley Mauldin went out guns blazing as the Patriots emptied the playbook against the wolves.IMGP6031This look by coach Spence tells the story as the Zebras were not too kind to the Patriots on the road. Coach Spence led the Patriots to their first playoff appearance in 10 years.