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All County Cross Country Boys & Girls Teams

Track CoachRecently many athletes from Paulding County competed in the State Cross Country Championships. North Paulding qualified the girl's team by finishing 3rd in Area 2 7A meet. South Paulding qualified their boy's team by finishing 4th in Region 5 6A. Hiram qualified both teams for state, girls finished 4th, and guys 2nd in Region 7 5A. East Paulding qualified both teams for the state as well, girls finished 3rd, and guys 3rd in Region 7 5A.
Friday 11/3, the Boys 5A race started the day off with both Hiram and East Paulding boys. Hiram’s Audrick Pyronneau went out with the top pack off the start, challenging for a top finish in the state. His pack of teammates like East Paulding’s team started off conservative and worked their way up throughout the race. Audrick was 3rd halfway through, with East Paulding’s top boy Kaleb Scott in the mid 70’s. Audrick finished 2nd in 5A with a time of 16:19, which would help secure his team a 14th place finish. Audrick’s 2nd place finish is the best finish in state history for any cross country runner in Paulding County that is known. Kaleb was the Raiders’ top finisher in 39th place with a time of 18:07, this helped the Raiders finish in 23rd place.
Girls 5A was next up, East Paulding had been ranked in the top 10 multiple times during the season, and Hiram girls had been improving all season. Both teams did well in not being too spread out during the race, which helped both teams finish in the top 20. East Paulding finished 13th, with their top finisher Sophia Bethel being 52nd place in 22:24, and teammate Katelynn Sweeney in 53rd position. Hiram was led by Lydia Kenney who finished 68th, in a time of 22:55.
Girls 7A was the last race on Friday, and North Paulding girls lined up. The Wolfpack was much more of a pack with Alex Whiten back in the mix after not being at county. Simone Johnson was their top finisher in 79th place with a time of 22:46. Behind Simone, was a pack of three girls led by Alex in the low 100’s. North Paulding finished in 18th place in 7A.
Boys 6A was on Saturday, and South Paulding after punching their ticket with a 4th place finish at region had a strong class to compete with. South Paulding was led by freshmen runner Connor Munoz, finishing 165th in a time of 20:55. This helped South Paulding finish in 31st place.
Photo: (Left) Hiram Head Track Coach, Russell T. Brand (Right)East Paulding Track Head Coach, Taylor F. Ford

TeamAll Paulding County Cross Country Boys & Girls Teams

Audrick Pyronneau Hiram Senior Best Finish: 15:37 Season Highlights: GA Meet of Champs, State 2nd Place, Named to Team Georgia.Audrick PyronneauOwen Senecal East Paulding Freshman Best Finish: 18:34 Season Highlights: Region: Leading to the first State Qualification since 2014 for the boys.Owen SenecalAlfonso Garcia East Paulding Junior Best Finish: 18:10 Season Highlights: Qualifying for State, getting my PR at County.Alfonso GarciaKaleb Scott East Paulding Junior Best Finish: 17:33 Season Highlights: Region: Placing 4th Place individually and being able to go to state as a team.Kaleb ScottAndrew Tait Hiram Senior Personal Record: 17:42 Season Highlights: Acics Invitational. First ever 17. Top 10 time in Hiram History (9th, 17.42) Top 10 at County (8th).Andrew TateDalton Hollis North Paulding Junior Best Finish: 17:09 Season Highlights: Finally getting a DR at Asics after not getting one since the first race of the season. Also placing 4th at County, 15th at Coach Wood.Dalton HollisSabien Lindo Hiram Senior Personal Record: 16:43 Season Highlights: Regions: 2nd at Region.Sabien LindoLydia Kenney Hiram Junior Personal Record: 21:20 Season Highlights: Top 5 Hiram Varsity Girl of all time with PR, 2nd at Nike Invitational (Varsity).Lydia KenneySimone Johnson North Paulding Junior Best Finish: 20:10 Season Highlights: Winning County and Qualifying for State.Simone JohnsonRylee Lewis North Paulding Sophmore Best Finish: 20:27 Season Highlights: When I was second from getting a boat.Rylee LewsAlex Whiten North Paulding Junior Best Finish: 18:48 Season Highlights: When I raced Acics this past year, I got first for my team. Also getting to go to State with my team and the Seniors.Alex WhitenKat Sweeney East Paulding Freshman Best Finish: 21:55 Season Highlights: Varsity & State Racer as a freshman, broke 6 min mile, 22 minute 5K.Kat SweeneyBrylie Galeazzo East Paulding Junior Best Finish: 21:38 Season Highlights: Tied North for 1st at County, Qualifying for State, Placed 3rd in county race.Brylie GaleazzoSophia Bethel East Paulding Senior Best Finish: 12:51 Season Highlights: Tied North at County, Qualifying for State, 2nd in the County.Sophia Bethel