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South Paulding Spartans Improve

South Paulding Spartans hosted the Douglasville Tigers this past Friday. The Spartans took the field with a mission in mind, “Do not give up”. The Spartans held their own against the strong Douglasville Tigers the entire game. Even taking the lead in the fourth quarter. The Spartan defense stood their ground forcing a lot of mistakes from the Tigers. Disrupting the passing routes, and the backfield.
The offense also made a statement with their passing game that kept the Tigers off guard. The first half ended with a 7-7 score and the momentum with South scoring just before the half ended.
The Tigers received the ball first to start the second half and were held to a field goal. The Spartans offense took the field with a different game plan and took to the air with the combination of QB #4 Austin Seymour connecting with #3 Miles Campbell and #7 Parker Self. The Spartans took the lead with a run up the middle by #3 Miles Campbell. The Tigers came back with a touch down late in the 3rd quarter to take back the lead 16-14 after a failed 2 point conversion.
The Spartans drove the ball downfield to get within field goal range and #98 Alex Ray kicking the field goal for the Spartans to take the lead once again with a score of 17-16. The Tigers gained control of the ball late in the 4th quarter and with a few missteps from the Spartans were able to take the lead back with a 2 point conversion. Leaving the Spartan 24-17 with 3:33 left in the game the. Spartans once again had the "Do not give up" mentality giving it everything they had, However, the Tigers were able to capitalize on a fumble from the Spartans and retained the lead for the win.
The Spartans host the Northgate Vikings this Friday looking for their first win.

6599#7 Parker Self receives the ball for the Spartan first down. 6613#18 Thomas Marshall plows across the goal for a Spartan TD. 6621#98 Alex Ray Kicks the point after for the Spartans.