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South Paulding Wins Out Over the favored Northgate Vikings

South Paulding pulls off an upset win over the favored Northgate Vikings. South hosted the Vikings this past Friday night looking for that elusive win. From the start of the game, the Vikings took control and snapped off back to back touchdowns that looked as if the Vikings would run away with the game. The Vikings leading 13-0 the Spartans offense stepped up and put up 7 to close the gap at 13-7. The Vikings countered with another touch down to take a bigger lead of 20-7. The Vikings were on a roll and it looked as if they would run away with the game. Deep in the third quarter, the Vikings had a commanding lead of 27-7. The Spartans looked defeated. But with their “Never give up attitude” they started fighting back.
The offense started coming together and driving the ball downfield with #18 Thomas Marshall rushing the ball for long runs and 3 touchdowns during the game to get the Spartans back in the game. The defense stepped as well shutting down the Viking offense late in the third quarter. Starting with 5:27 left in the third quarter this is where it started. The score was 27-7 Vikings and the Spartans kicked it into high gear. The Spartans drove downfield to bring the score to 27-14. The Vikings answered back with a TD of their own making the score 30-14. The Spartans quickly retaliated with another touchdown and a 2 point conversion to bring the score to 30-22. The Spartans “never give up” kicked into overdrive at this point with 8:33 left in the game. The Spartan offense took control. With #4 Austin Seymore connecting with #7 Parker Self and #3 Miles Campbell to get the Spartans into the red zone and set up a 10-yard touchdown run by #18 Thomas Marshall to bring the score to 30-28. The Spartan defense held tight and held off the strong Viking offense. The Spartans took over the ball with less than two minutes in the game starting on their own 20 yard line drove the ball downfield and finished it off with a game-winning pass from #4 Austin Seymore to #7 Parker Self to take the lead for the first time in the game 35-30. With less than a minute left in the game, the Spartan defense had to step up for the Spartans. The Defense went into deep pass protection mode and held off the Viking offense for the first Spartan victory under new head coach Jason Thompson. The Spartans have a bye week this week then will host Langston Hughes October 5th.

Northgate 6836#7 Parker Self receives the ball for a long gain. Northgate 6878#3 Miles Campbell back to receive the ball for the Spartans first down. Northgate 6892#18 Thomas Marshall stiff arms a defender to get another first down.