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Rotary 7 19 2016 2x800Travis Miller, Paulding Rotary president called the meeting to order bringing everyone upstate on the schedule of events coming up. Then, Vic Williams took the podium to introduce our guest speaker, Jeff Davis of Truth in Nature.
Mr. Davis introduced himself and thanked several members for their participation with the Truth in Nature program. Some of our Rotary Club members had the opportunity to meet some of the young men involved in the program and had become interested, seeing the positive results first hand. Mr. Davis explained the program, founded in 2009, was brought about to share the love of Christ with young men in single parent homes. Since the beginning doors have been opened enabling this program to continue and expand.
Truth in Nature is a volunteer program to help young men growing up without a father or in a single-parent environment. Many young men in middle school or high school are growing up in our society without a positive male role model. The strain of being a single parent leaves little time to communicate with and provide that role model that is so desperately needed in these young men's lives. Mr. Davis explained how the program works through volunteers. A mentor can volunteer a single weekend or possibly two the course of a month and make a tremendous impact on a young man's life. The activities that the mentors and these young men participate in our things like hiking, fishing, archery and hunting. Generally, these are overnight outings consisting of a meal followed by testimony and then the activity the next day.
Mr. Davis explained that while he was appreciative of people beginning to recognize his program for the activities, such as fishing and hunting, he wanted us to know that the true success in the heart of the program lies in the quality time spent with these young men. This father and son time during these types of activities is what these young men are missing. Many men today can look back on these types of experiences and remember talking about all sorts of things with their fathers. Talking through problems and understanding what it is to be a man is a very crucial part of growing up. These overnight outings provide an opportunity at these young men would never have any other way. Mr. Davis explained that that is the true goal beyond the hunting and fishing.
A specific success story that Mr. Davis shared was that of a young middle school boy who recently turned his life around. Deeply troubled by his father's absence from the time he was born this young man constantly faced anger issues at home and in school. Although an excellent basketball player, his grades and outburst in school were about to set him on a very dark course that would follow him his whole life. Through his participation in this program and with prayer and intervention by many mentors this young man, recently baptized at a spring fishing program, after giving his life to Christ at a church youth camp, has turned his life and grades around. When school reopens he will be moving ahead to high school. Mr. Davis explained that these are the true success stories. And more stories like this one can make a real difference in our community and its future.
Many of the young boys that attend our troubled, that have anger issues and act out in school. With grades declining and some facing expulsion, there is real need in many of these young men's lives. There's no charge to these mothers and single parents. Truth in Nature is a faith-based program whose needs have been provided for through donations. Recently, a land trust of 110 acres was made available and two small trailers from the Board of Education were donated as bunk houses. Also other chapters have been opened one in Louisiana and one in South Carolina. Right now there is a need for bunk beds so they can expand the number of young men who can attend these weekend outings. To help through donation and/or support please contact through the website link provided.

Photo(r-l): Vic Williams & Jeff Davis
Mr. Jeff Davis