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rotary 8 16 2016 1x800Travis Miller, Paulding Rotary president, began our meeting with the status of scheduled events upcoming. Including Paulding Meadows in September and the golf tournament in October. After the announcements and the updates Rotary member, Ken Thigpen introduced our guest speaker, Mr. Geof Hutton.
Mr. Hutton, now retired, shared his personal testimony of how his life was affected in a positive way by members of the Rotary club in his hometown where he grew up. Mr. Hutton's family upbringing in a small community, north of Houston Texas, had a profound impact on his life. In addition to the influence of his mother and father, community members and local businessmen involved in the Rotary club also had a positive contribution for a then younger Geof Hutton. The value of hard work was reinforced by his association with the local members of the business community through the Rotary club. Additionally, Mr. Hutton was the recipient of the scholarship from the Rotary club that assisted heavens beginning his college education.
Mr. Hutton thank the Rotary club and encourage them to continue to make investments in the local community. Mr. Hutton, now a retired military officer and family man can attribute much of his life's success to those early influences. Mr. Hutton's presentation highlighted the profound difference that a positive investment can make in an individual.

photo L-R: Travis Miller, Ken Thigpen and Geof Hutton