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Paulding County Rotary Club Welcomed Dr. Kathryn D. Melton of Shepherd's Rest Ministries

2204 ROT 6 6 2017 2Dr. Melton expressed her gratitude to the Rotary Club for once again inviting her to speak on behalf of Shepherd's Rest Ministries. Shepherd's Rest Ministries began in 1997 and since then Shepherd's Rest has housed nearly 3000 women and children fleeing domestic violence. From that single shelter, Shepherd's Rest Ministries now has two other facilities that serve as an emergency shelter and as a transitional house. In addition to a shelter for battered women and children seeking to escape domestic violence, Shepherd's Rest Ministries provides a 24-hour crisis line, legal advocacy, enrichment therapy and emergency food and clothing. In 2016 over 2800 calls were answered through the crisis helpline and legal advocacy has helped over 390 victims to secure temporary protective orders. 2017 marks the 20th anniversary for Shepherd's Rest Ministries as it continues to grow and meet the needs of long-term and short of the victims of domestic violence.
Dr. Melton shared with the Rotary Club that the commitment from local groups and donors has helped Shepherd's Rest Ministries to grow as it continues to help victims of domestic violence here in Paulding County. As a faith-based nonprofit organization, Shepherd's Rest Ministries is not eligible for federal funding and relies on donations. That steadfast support has been instrumental in as seen by the achievements here in Paulding County. Shepherd's Rest Ministries not only provides temporary shelter for those in extreme danger but also provides therapy and resources to help educate and empower those who are trapped in the cycle of violence. In addition, to support and educating victims in more proactive life decisions Shepherd's Rest Ministries has also helped with providing job skills and educational opportunities for victims to join the workforce and lead self-sufficient lives.
Dr. Melton introduced a young woman who is currently enrolled in the Shepherd's Rest program. This young lady shared briefly her situation and her appreciation for Shepherd's Rest Ministries. As a victim of long-term mental and physical abuse, the shelter, legal help and other opportunities provided have encouraged her through this most difficult time. She expressed gratitude to the Rotary Club and groups like this that help to provide resources for Shepherd's Rest Ministries. She detailed the hope and encouragement that she received by having the opportunity of learning from others going through a similar ordeal.
Dr. Melton closed by taking questions and once again thanking the club for its continued support. Dr. Melton was presented with a check for thousand dollars from the Paulding County Rotary Club as a donation.
If you would like to contribute to Shepherd's Rest Ministries through donation or as a volunteer, please call 770-443-5213, donations are tax-deductible.
website www.shepherdsrestministries.org