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Pickett's Mill District Representative for the Boy Scouts of America, Bobbi Carter

2544 Rotary 6 20 2017 16 533Rotary Club member Raymond Phillips introduced Bobbi Carter, Paulding's District Representative for the Boy Scouts of America as his guest. As a proponent for the Scouts, Mr. Phillips related that his son, Raymond F. Noah Phillips III, upon joining the Marines received a higher rank as a direct result of his participation in the Scouts. Additionally, he was able to claim leadership training (in the Marine Corps) as a direct result of being an Eagle Scout.
Mr. Phillips noted that Ms. Carter had been actively involved in scouting most of her life. Raised in Cincinnati Ohio where she attended Bowling Green State University and received her Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Conservation. She has served the Dan Beard Council in Cincinnati, Ohio as the Cub World Area Director and Program Director in 2013, and as their Marketing Director in 2014. Ms. Carter then served as the C.O.P.E. Facilitator for the Erie Shores Council for four years before relocating to the Atlanta area. Now Ms. Carter serves as Executive Director for the Pickett's Mill District (Paulding County) at the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Not to mention, Ms. Carter is also a member of the Dallas Rotary Club.
Ms. Carter took the podium and thanked the Paulding County Rotary Club members for the opportunity to share with them what is happening with the Scouts. For over 100 years the Boy Scouts of America has been helping to shape youth and future leaders through educational activities. These activities not only educate but instill lifelong values. The belief that these character building activities will help shape tomorrow's society along the more conscientious, responsible and productive paths. For the Atlanta area community during 2016, the BSA had over 31,000 Scouts, comprising 785 scouting units with the help of almost 10,000 adult volunteers. Ms. Carter reminded everyone that in order to be a youth volunteer, mandatory youth protection training certification is required. Mandatory certification in youth protection must be taken every two years. Safety is of the greatest importance to the Boy Scouts of America. Activities, such as camping and earning merit badges are some of the traditions of education and character building. There were over 135,000 nights of camping and 9,146 summer camp attendees. Cub adventure weekend participants: almost 7,500 for the year of 2016. In addition to our camps and opportunities, funding was made available for those who were not financially able.
Here in Paulding County, we had 801 Cub Scouts, 311 Boy Scouts, and 26 venturers. Paulding County had 389 trained volunteers in 2016. That was the highest number of trained volunteers throughout the whole United States. Quite an accomplishment for Paulding County. Thanks to those volunteers, we continue to set goals for growth in our district. Ms. Carter related a positive relationship with the local school system to enroll more scouts. One specific goal was to initiate a scout pack for the Boys and Girls Club. The Boys and Girls Club represents a great opportunity to fill the needs of the children already present there. Ms. Carter offered to answer any questions that the members might have. Travis Miller, president of the Rotary Club, presented Ms. Bobbi Carter with a check for $1000 as the Paulding County Rotary Club's contribution.

2542 Rotary 6 20 2017 15 800Raymond Phillips, Bobbi Carter, Travis Miller