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Families Against Pornography warns Paulding County of the harmful effects of pornography

Paulding County Rotary Club members welcomed Bill Petitta and Stephanie Merling, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and part of Families Against Pornography to the Paulding County Rotary meeting for October 31st. Paulding County Rotary Club president, John Grant, introduced and thanked our guest speaker, Mr. Bill Petitta.
rot 10 31 2017 800Mr. Petitta thanked the club members for their efforts in the community and the opportunity to speak on behalf of Families Against Pornography. Mr. Petitta gave some staggering statistics on how often pornography is searched for on the Internet. As we all know there are many dangers our children must face on regular basis. However, unfortunately, pornography is one that often goes unspoken. The Internet and its accessibility have forever changed the accessibility and visibility of pornography in our society. Unfortunately through a lack of education and communication, be it from shame or the inability to approach this embarrassing subject, this danger can pose serious and permanent damage. Pornography driven damages to our society include a wide variety of altered behavior which ultimately contributes to divorce, sex addiction, promiscuity and other negative attitudes and perceptions including aggression towards the opposite sex. Continual exposure pornography at a young age can permanently affect social interaction and relationships as well as brain chemistry development.
Recently, Families Against Pornography held its first local public event in conjunction with several churches and local officials at the Paulding County High School. The event was very successful at communicating the be harmful effects of pornography on our youth in schools, both public and private, as well as in our homes. The event saw over 200 attendees including Georgia House Representative Paulette Rakestraw and Dallas Mayor Boyd Austin in attendance of the event to give support in the fight to educate parents and young people on how to protect their children from this very real danger. In addition to supporting education through public awareness representative Paulette Rakestraw is pushing for protective legislation that will keep parents from having to pay extra to protect their children from having immediate access to pornography on the Internet. (Bill Petitta, Stephanie Merling and John Grant)

About Families Against Pornography:
A dedicated group of Georgia residents who believe that families are the key to a successful society. One way families are under attack is through pornography. Pornography is pervasive in its attack, infiltrating our homes through every media outlet, invading the minds of both children and adults, destroying family relationships and causing addiction, secrecy, and shame. We want to educate families and raise awareness of the dangers of pornography. Our goal is to provide tools for families to navigate a culture saturated in pornography and to help those who are addicted.

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